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January - June 2007

Stretching with Daddy after a long (cold) run An E.T. moment? Enjoying some snow With cousin, Alexa In the Peak District 3rd Birthday Easter egg hunt Very proud of his first drawing of himself! Some early Lathe training with daddy At Castlerigg stone circle, Lake District Enjoying the warm weather

Nov/Dec Christmas in SA

At Birdworld with Granny A Dinner party with Hamish On Holiday in South Africa Swimming with my cousins With Nicki

August - October 2006

Steam train ride Our favourite place in the morning! Soutter boys and their cars! On Holiday in Sherwood Forest Picnic in the forest Happy halloween

April - July 2006

Easter egg hunt! In Daddy He He doesn the whole family Boots and wine!  Looks like great fun. Apprentice in training Enjoying the benefits of a mobile bath With Ghidoo and Situ He With Katy, doing some serious ice-cream eating! Summer The only way to keep cool. With Granny

January - March 2006

Growing up - my first bed! Boy in a box! Pure Bliss! With Sybil and Jean-Louis in Paris At the zoo in Paris Who says beds are for sleeping on? Baking for my birthday party...mmm Letting Mommy help me with the baking!  As you can see, not long to go before I become a big brother...

Christmas 2005

Now what could this one be?? WOW!  Thanks Granny and Grandpa! Grandpa with my new cousin, Alexa Always remaining true to my roots! Enjoying a tiny bit of snow on boxing day With Granny at the sea-life centre

South Africa - Nov/Dec 05

Swimming with Jidu (grandad) at Bakabung With Situ at Bakabung With Great-Granny Ida With my cousins Sable and Nikki Family swim-time Some very adventurous swimming!

Spring/Summer (May- August)

Learning to walk Learning to FLY! First left, then straight on.... first cycle with Dad I can walk all by myself! Liam loves the playground.  Hard work for Dad! Little gardener Still Daddy


Happy Birthday! Testing out his birthday present Granny Fun for Liam - exhausting for Daddy!

10/11 months

Bad hair day! On the Beach in Galway, Ireland Galway Bay First experience of the beach At playgroup (we go once a week). Car mad already!  Must be those Soutter genes! Almost 1 and Spring is finally here

8/9 months

First Tooth!  And a silly face to show it off. Cupie doll? Making faces at himself in the mirror "Oi - what With Great-Granny Ida Winter walk in the park. Liam managed to find Big Ears shoe and take it off.

7 Months

Dad blow dried my hair!!!

6 months

test driving the new high chair - not very impressed! test driving the washing basket - this is more fun!

5 Months

I can sit all by myself!!!  Test driving daddy Bathtime!

4 Months

Liam with Big Ears that granny knitted. "Oh No - here comes Dad with the camera..AGAIN!!!" Ready for solids...? Now that "mmm..I think I Tiny basketball player..... ... and an academic too!

July - 3 months and growing so quickly!

Walking in the woods near our house

SA Christening Pictures

Grandpa standing in for Wayne The whole gang! Proud Parents Grandma after christening The cousins! Gran with Liam <br> 2004/05/07 2004-05-07

1 Month!

Thanks Gran! Mother and son. Saying Good Bye to Marcelle at the airport. I Love Mommy! Yippy, first trip to the pub!

Day 7

Auntie Bernice (and Hamish Mc Soutter the dog) Mom having a nap with Liam.

Day 1

It's a boy!

Liam Jensen Soutter
3.465kg (7lb 10oz)
45 cm
21:00 25 March 2004

Before baby...

Picture of Nursery<br> Alison and I in the nursery, as you can see the blind still needs to be made, and the lampshade needs doing.<br>12 March 2004

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