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The Island of Tobago - August

Thelma, Alison & Laurie walking downtown, Scarborough Sidewalk stalls in Scarborough Trading in a Sunset in Tobago 

No comment Fishermen selling their catch in Mt Irvine Fish beneath Clarion Alison, Thelma and Laurie buying fruit and veggies in Castara Typical Tobagan supermarket Our new Carib on Englishman Clarion in Englishman Neal and Alison in Englishman Breakfast on Clarion Fishermen cleaning their boats on Sundays Our own private beach in Man of War Bay Neal and Al in Man of War Bay Neal and Al snorkelling in Man of War Bay Neal stitching a wind scoop on the old Singer sewing machine Neal and Al in Charlotteville Pigeon Point beach Pigeon Point beach

South Africa to St Helena

Laurie on Clarion at the Royal Cape Yacht Club Table Mountain as we left Mossel Bay: We found a fender out at sea St Helena: The landing jetty with the gallows to help you ashore Jacobs Ladder: 699 steps, 700 foot high

Thelma climbing Jacobs Ladder Thelma with the tortoise at the Governor Lot (large stone outcrop in foreground) and his wife and daughters (in the background) The RMS St Helena anchored - Laurie looking over James town

Fernando to Tobago

The oil rig at sea in the Atlantic Fernando from Clarion [Fernando De Noronha] The new harbour wall [Fernando De Noronha] Wind generator [Fernando De Noronha] The new harbour wall - our dinghy is tied up near the red cover (can you see Clarion in the background?) [Fernando De Noronha]

Thelma in front of street vendors in Scarborough [Tobago] Having a Carib beer at a bar with Irwin John (the owner) [Tobago] The amazing Toucan [Tobago] A beautiful old house - still lived in [Tobago] In the rain forest [Tobago]

A Brazilian monkey living on a boat - it was saved by these people - it had lost its parents [Tobago] Sand barge arriving in Scarborough being propelled by the tug [Tobago] See how close we are to the ferry that arrived every evening in Scarborough [Tobago] Thelma doing a 1500 piece puzzle [Tobago]

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