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August to November 2002 Chesapeake Bay,
Knapp's Narrows to Back Creek, Annapolis

Bridge at Knapp Bridge at Knapp An ex-Vet lives on his boat - he is like a magpie - collects anything and everything and loads it on his boat Thelma hanging washing inside Clarion Sunset in Annapolis Thelma and Thora in Baltimore Dan, Thora, Faith, Thelma and Ken Dressed for the cold - when leaving Annapolis Autumn approaching Leaving Back Creek, Annapolis Thomas Point Lighthouse on the way to Solomans Dressed for a wet work day Laurie fetching LCDR Paul Soutter and his CDR in our dinghy Thelma at Alex Hayley statue (Roots) in Annapolis Laurie and Thelma in front of Techumsa statue. He was an Indian Chief and is the mascot of the Naval Academy football team Dinner with nephew, Paul and friends Servicing our trusty bikes

Hampton Roads (River), Norfolk, Virginia
to Minim Creek North Carolina

Ship carrying 6 Navy Boats - along the Hampton Roads River Fishing boat - Hampton Roads Approaching Deep Creek Lock, 52ft wide and 300ft long Visitors Centre (on the LHS), Dismal Swamp Autumn trees along the Dismal Swamp Route Autumn trees along the Pasquotank River Shrimp boat Reflection of Thelma leaning over the bows - can you see the dolphins below the surface? Marine helicopters training near Mile Hammock Bay(Camp Le Jeurne) Anchored very late that evening - helicopters still training At Calvins dock, Carolina Beach, Cormorants on all the pilings Sailing into the sunset along the ICW after Cape Canaveral Autumn approaching Camouflaged boat for duck hunting Second camouflaged boat for duck hunting The men dress in camouflaged gear as well - and take hunting dogs along Thanksgiving dinner on Yacht Opinicus Thanksgiving dinner Laurie helping Charlie free his boat from a crab pot, before leaving Minim Creek

Elizabeth City, NC - July 2002

Thelma on Clarion in Elizabeth City, NC - July 2002 Clarion Thelma and Laurie on the City dock. 2 Blimps inside the Blimp Factory Looking down the length of the Blimp Factory, Elizabeth City, NC. Thelma looking up at the Blimp - at the end are the 2 huge doors Thelma standing next to the car in front of the Blimp factory Travelling ICW approaching the Dismal Swamp. The narrow channel cut through the Dismal Swamps. Our first lock- South Mills Lock - flies, flies, flies 

Stop over at the Visitors centre for the night, at Mile post 28. It is a 1000mile journey from Miami to Norfolk. 28 miles to go. Norfolk - Thelma aboard the USS Wisconsin Aircraft carrier-887feet long The Wisconsin in Norfolk Lighthouse on the way to Smith Creek, Virginia A sunset in Smith Creek, Maryland 

Thelma in front of big ships bell in Aunt Grace Thelma riding through Anne-Marie Gardens. It is a public park with art work displayed in amongst the trees. 

Laurie sitting in one of the hand crafted wooden seats in Anne-Marie Gardens. Thelma feeding the family of swans in Cambridge. We were tied up at the free town dock. A Skip Jack boat that is used for fishing for oysters. They have no motors (by law) and carry the dinghy on the back which has a motor to push them along if they need it. They cannot use the motor to fish. Thats the law. The restrictions are to preserve the limited oyster stock.

Travelling up the ICW (Inter Coastal Waterway)

Clarion dcked at Nancy The swing bridge near Nancy Rough seas going to Port Fear - Atlantic Ocean Laurie grabbing some sleep under the saloon table, in rough weather. The damage from the storm, the torn main sail. Laurie and Thelma outside the old Slave Market, Charleston, South Carolina. Builtin 1820, opened as a slave auction 1852. Thelma, Laurie and Rob on the flight deck of the Aircraft Carrier Yorktown. 1944 - 888.5 Feet long. An Awak - note the folding wings for storage on the Aircraft carrier. A WW2 Diesel Submarine - 325.5 Feet long. Thelma inside the submarine. Laurie and Rob in front of Clarion. Beautiful houses in Wrightville beach. Beautiful houses in Wrightville beach. In the ICW. Note the length of the jetty to reach deep water for their boats. Huge statue of a giraffe along the ICW. Osprey and her chicks on a marker post in the ICW. Marie, Shelby, Alan, Cassidy and Laurie on Clarion in Spooners Creek. Despite the overall width, the dredged channal is only 50 foot wide, so it is important to keep on course.

Fort Lauderdale

Mac Arthur bridge (fixed bridge) from the yacht basin in Miami Harbour. Miami in the background, on our way to Fort Lauderdale. Fixed bridge from the Yacht basin in Miami harbour, with second fixed bridge in foreground. Note two cruise ships. Clarion lining up for entry Notice to boaters that the clearance under the bridge is 65.5 feet on this tide. Clarion needs 63foot clearance. At the next opening bridge Clarion just going through on her way to Fort Lauderdale. Clarion tide up at the Town dock in Fort Lauderdale - taken from the Third Ave bridge. Stephanie, Donny, Laurie, David, Stacey, Lois, Drew, Donny Jnr and Danielle. Third Ave bridge on the new river - on the way from Nancy Beautiful homes along the New River, Fort Lauderdale. Approaching the 17th Street bridge. Opening bridge on the way out to sea. Passing Stiltsville in Biscayne Bay. Laurie with his New Third Lung - dressed for protection from barnacles. Laurie off to clean Clarions barnacles. Segments of bellows that Laurie made before assembly of the compass. Laurie on the big Jet Ski he repaired. Fred

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